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A part of every dollar you spend goes toward building and maintaining police memorials, helping families of the fallen, and funding other police support programs in Illinois.

Over $5.7 million

has been raised so far.

Change starts with knowledge

Learn the statistics behind the organizations that support police memorials and help families of the fallen and how playing this Instant Ticket can help make a difference.

Protecting those who protect us

In 2023, the Chicago Police Memorial Fund distributed 407 protective vests along with 944 covers to officers serving on the force

Going the extra mile

In 2023, ISPHF extended financial aid to the families of two troopers wounded in service and facilitated the provision of a new wheelchair-accessible van for the family of a trooper recuperating from severe injuries sustained in the line of duty in 2021

Always making a difference

In 2023, the Illinois State Police Heritage Fund organized the yearly Police Memorial Day gathering at the ISPHF Memorial Park and offered administrative assistance to the ISP’s Chaplain and Honor Guard Program

Caring for their own

In 2023, The Chicago Police Memorials Fund (CPMF) provided educational assistance to 25 children of fallen and catastrophically injured officers

More causes to support

A seemingly small act can make a big impact. Learn more about our other good causes and how your play can make a difference.