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Illinois Lottery Subscriptions

What are Lottery game subscriptions?

Lottery subscriptions allow you to subscribe to a game by scheduling purchases for a set number of game draws. 


What Illinois Lottery games are available for purchase by subscription?

You can purchase subscriptions for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Lucky Day Lotto, Pick 3, and Pick 4 online.

Do I still need to purchase a subscription to play Lucky Day Lotto, Pick 3, or Pick 4 online?

As of August 12, 2019, you no longer need to create a subscription to play Lucky Day Lotto, Pick 3, or Pick 4 online. You now have the option to purchase tickets for just one draw, or can continue to purchase a subscription.

For more information about this change, please read our Lucky Day Lotto, Pick 3, and Pick 4 Subscription Update FAQs

Can I subscribe to games on the app?

Yes, you can subscribe to any Illinois Lottery game available online on the app. For more information on the features of the app and information on how to download the app, please visit our app page.

Do I have the same options for my Pick 3 or Pick 4 tickets with subscriptions that I have in retail stores?

You have the same options for your online Pick 3 or Pick 4 subscriptions that you have in retail stores, including the ability to play just midday draws or just evening draws, select your play style, determine the play amount, and add plus Fireball®.

What happens to my subscription if my wallet has insufficient funds?

If your subscription attempts to purchase a ticket for the upcoming draw, but your wallet has insufficient funds, you will be notified via email. You must add sufficient funds to your wallet at least 90 minutes before drawtime to be included in that draw.

How do I subscribe to Illinois Lottery games?

If you prefer to play online, log in to your account, head to the Games section of the website, and select your game. After you pick your numbers and add-ons, if any, select the Subscription option to set your subscription length. If you prefer to play on the app, log in to your account then select your game. You can then set up your subscription the same way you would online. 

Is the entire subscription cost deducted at once?

The entire cost of your subscription is not deducted at once. Instead, your subscription will deduct the cost of each new ticket before the next game draw. While it is not required, it is recommended that you deposit enough funds in your wallet to cover the entire cost of the subscription.

How do I choose my numbers?

Once you’ve selected your game, all eligible numbers will be displayed for you. To choose your own numbers, tap or click on each number you’d like to play. Your numbers will change color, indicating your choice. If you wish to change your numbers, select Clear Selections or the trash can icon to start over.   To use Quick Pick, simply tap or click on the Quick Pick button. Your numbers will change color, indicating each choice.

Can I play a different number combination for each draw included in my subscription?

No, your subscription will use the same number combinations for each draw.

Can I purchase more than one number combination for each draw?

Yes. Once you select your first number combination, a new line will be generated for you to complete. After you have added your desired quantity of number combinations, you can continue to make your add-on and subscription selections. 

If you wish to remove a number combination, you can tap or click the trash can icon located next to it.

I was notified that my Pick 3 or Pick 4 number combination was sold out. What does that mean?

This means that the number combination you selected at the beginning of your Pick 3 or Pick 4 subscription is now sold out for the upcoming draw. Since the number combination was sold out, your wager was not placed, and your wallet was not debited for this draw. 

After the sold out draw has passed, your subscription will attempt to play your selected number combination for your subsequent subscribed draws. If any subsequent draws are sold out, your wager will not be placed, and your wallet will not debited. 

If you wish to participate in an upcoming draw for which your number combination was sold out, you can purchase a draw or subscription with a different number combination.

Is there a minimum subscription duration?

Mega Millions, Powerball, and Lotto subscriptions start at one draw. Lucky Day Lotto, Pick 3, and Pick 4 game subscriptions start at seven days.

For how long can I subscribe to a daily or jackpot game?

You can purchase up to a 12-month subscription for all games available online.

Is the ticket cost for subscriptions the same as playing an individual game?

Yes, the cost of a subscription is the same as playing an individual game.

Can I cancel my purchase?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription in the My Subscriptions section of your account. Simply select the subscription you'd like to cancel and click or tap Cancel Subscription.

Please note that any tickets that have already been purchased cannot be cancelled or refunded.


I purchased my subscription. When does my subscription start?

Your subscription will start on the next available draw, which can be found on your email receipt as well as the Games section of your account.

What happens when my subscription ends?

Once your subscription ends, we will send you a notification email.

How do I check the status of my subscription?

You can review the status of all of your active subscriptions online or on the app by visiting the My Subscriptions section of your online account.