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Daily Drawings

What is a digital draw system and how is it secure?

A digital draw system is a standalone computer that employs two hardware-based true random number generators (RNGs) to generate winning numbers. The system, operated by the Illinois Lottery, was designed, built, and is now maintained by Smartplay International and has been independently certified by BMM Testlabs. The system cannot be changed without direction from the Department of the Lottery, the manufacturer, and the independent certifier.

The draw systems are stored in a highly secure room that is locked and under 24-hour surveillance. The system itself has multiple layers of security and is NOT connected to any network, which eliminates the possibility of someone accessing it remotely.

How many other states use RNGs for their drawings?

Roughly half of all of the lotteries in the United States utilize RNG systems for most or all of their draw-based games. RNGs are widely used to select winning numbers for raffle games that include hundreds of thousands of tickets.

How do I watch daily drawings?

You can watch the midday and evening drawings on the Illinois Lottery’s YouTube channel.