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Understanding the facts behind several common myths about playing the Lottery will help you play smart.




“My lucky touch or winning strategy
will help my gameplay.”

There’s no way to influence the outcome of a lottery game.
Winning tickets and winning numbers are completely random.
There’s no guarantee of a return on any ticket — play for fun, not funds.

“If I buy five losing tickets in a row,
the next ticket is more likely to be a winner.”

You have an equal chance of winning or losing with every
ticket of the same kind. Each play is independent and unrelated
to the ones before. Don’t chase your losses.

“I’m  more likely to win a smaller jackpot
because fewer people will play the game.”

The Illinois Lottery publishes the odds for every lottery game we
offer – visit the games hub on for more information.
No matter the size of the jackpot or number of people playing the game,
the odds for each game remain the same. Remember, the Illinois Lottery
is a game of chance.

“If I play the same numbers each time in a
draw game, my chances of winning increase.”

Each draw is random, and your chances of winning always remain
the same. If you play the same numbers each game, they have the same
chance of hitting or missing every time you play. Remember, don’t overdo
it and take a break.

“Only people who gamble all the time or
spend more than they can afford to lose have
a problem.”

Problem gambling covers all gambling behavior and patterns that
compromise, disrupt or damage personal, family or work pursuits.
Learn more about problem gambling.
Remember to Be Smart, Play Smart®.